Fragrance reed diffusers

Oniusa Venezia signature fragrance stick diffusers.
These exclusively Made in Italy room scent diffusers are the perfect choice for those who wish to envelop their spaces with elegant and sophisticated scents.
The fragrances range from different olfactory families, using only quality raw materials and pure essential oils as their base. Bottles and packaging differ from collection to collection.

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Fragrance reed diffuser

These small wooden sticks bathed in natural fragrances and essences are the perfect choice for those who wish to envelop their home in enveloping scents.
Our stick room diffusers are carefully crafted using only high-quality ingredients and pure essential oils. We are passionate about attention to detail and take pride in our all-Italian manufacturing process, which allows us to offer our customers only the best.
Our fragrances are created to suit every preference and personality; from spicy and enveloping to floral and fresh notes-you’ll always be able to find the perfect room scent stick for you. Our products are designed to transform and ignite your spaces into a dimension of tranquility and well-being.

Oniusa Venice is the choice for those looking for high quality room stick scenters made with handcrafted care and natural ingredients. We are passionate about beauty and harmony and want to bring this passion into your home, creating a unique and unforgettable sensory experience.

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