Water-soluble essences

Oniusa’s water-soluble essences are room scented essences designed for use with ultrasonic diffusers, essence burners or added to radiator water.
The water-soluble scented fragrances dissolve in water, transforming into pleasant olfactory notes and creating pleasant scented atmospheres.
They are equipped with a dropper metering pump that allows you to adjust the intensity of the fragrance you want to spread in the room.

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PACKAGING TYPE* PRICE STEP 1 (from 300 to 500 pz) each PRICE STEP 2 (from 500 to 950) each PRICE STEP 3 (from 950 to 1500) each
Transparent high-barrier bag 2.50€ 2.40€ 2.05€
Black booklet board 3.90€ 3.80€ 3.45€
Black booklet board with print 4.20€ 4.10€ 3.85€
Black matchbox 4.10€ 4.00€ 3.65€
Black matchbox with print 4.40€ 4.30€ 3.95€