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Personalise our room fragrances and gift boxes

There is never a shortage of opportunities to give an Oniusa Venezia product to your customers: trade fairs, events, congresses, inaugurations or anniversaries, special occasions or holidays.
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Our solutions allow you to leave indelible memories with your customers, linking the scent and its pleasant sensations to your location.

The choice of fragrances is crucial in creating a unique and engaging sensory experience. Oniusa Venezia selects only the best raw materials, able to guarantee the highest quality and durability of the product. Each fragrance is studied down to the smallest detail to create a harmonious and balanced composition.


Depending on the type of event, and the recipient of the gift, Oniusa Venezia will be able to recommend the most suitable fragrance. Our extensive knowledge of the sector and experience are at your disposal to create the product tailored to you.

Even the packaging of the perfumer can be customised by embossing your brand or message. The possibility of placing your brand or label on the corporate gift will make the room perfumer even more exclusive and unforgettable.

Customisation is also available for small orders.

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    PACKAGING TYPE* PRICE STEP 1 (from 300 to 500 pz) each PRICE STEP 2 (from 500 to 950) each PRICE STEP 3 (from 950 to 1500) each
    Transparent high-barrier bag 2.50€ 2.40€ 2.05€
    Black booklet board 3.90€ 3.80€ 3.45€
    Black booklet board with print 4.20€ 4.10€ 3.85€
    Black matchbox 4.10€ 4.00€ 3.65€
    Black matchbox with print 4.40€ 4.30€ 3.95€