The world of Oniusa

Everyday, everywhere, with you.

Every day and everywhere Oniusa is present with its creations.
Each product has a specific place in this busy, interconnected world.

Our fragrances, symbols of all-Italian creativity, rise to a new concept of ‘living well’.

Oniusa Venezia transforms the everyday into the extraordinary.
A sensory experience of well-being through smell. A magic that evokes our memories and remains in our hearts.

Experimentation with cutting-edge materials has always been the hallmark of the company, which has been constantly expanding for years. First with the Essenziale brand and now with the new Oniusa brand.

Every day, high quality is sought and blended with sublime design choices to offer a product that is impeccably Italian and affordable for all consumers. The company redefines the concept of luxury no longer exclusive, but simple, everyday, and at the same time indispensable.

We create exclusively Made in Italy fragrances, ideas conceived and created to suit different types of environments and to enhance interior spaces.
Oniusa has Venice in its heart, a thousand-year-old muse of perfumes art and colours. The perfect backdrop for the creation of a work of art.

Marval Scent S.R.L.

Oniusa may have always been our dream, but it was born as a brand in 2013 in Venice, when we, Gianmarco and Giorgia Zorzetto, decided to found our own business together with our family. Much has changed since then but we have always remained faithful to our initial idea.
We have been able to interpret the evolution of taste with personality and combine it with the latest international trends and technologies.

For us, it is fundamental to reflect our VALUES with the brand, of which we list the most important ones in random order:

  • customer satisfaction
  • transparency and professionalism
  • respect for people by ensuring trust and fairness
  • precision and punctuality
  • honesty and integrity
  • innovation and creativity for continuous improvement
  • respect for the environment
  • quality assurance

A living, evolving story

Born in 2013
Reinvented in 2021


Company establishment and creation of the two brands: “Essenziale” and “Oniusa”.


Launch of new Deocar (car air-fresheners) collection and European registration of the ‘Essenziale Italy’ brand


Creation of first Home Fragrance collection: “Il Sogno” (A dream) and opening of the very first boutique in Dolo (Venice). Launch of the first online shop.


Introduction of private label production services and olfactory marketing.
Rebranding of the Essenziale brand.


December 2017 opening of the new company headquarters in Spinea (Venice) with factory store.


January 2018 Creation of the new Oniusa luxury fragrances collection and launch of the basic line “Essenziale-Colors”.


New production and logistics plant with installation of the state-of-the-art fully automated filling line.

July 2019
Launch the new haute parfumerie collection “Couture”.


May 2020 launch of the new botanical collection “Bòtanica”.

September 2020 Start of the production of scented candles.


Oniusa-Venezia becomes the company’s flagship brand.

A new phase begins with the opening of single-brand boutiques. Development of Franchising format. Launch of our premium collection “Eccellenza”.


Ten years of Oniusa-Venezia.

Launch of the Garden Collection.

PACKAGING TYPE* PRICE STEP 1 (from 300 to 500 pz) each PRICE STEP 2 (from 500 to 950) each PRICE STEP 3 (from 950 to 1500) each
Transparent high-barrier bag 2.50€ 2.40€ 2.05€
Black booklet board 3.90€ 3.80€ 3.45€
Black booklet board with print 4.20€ 4.10€ 3.85€
Black matchbox 4.10€ 4.00€ 3.65€
Black matchbox with print 4.40€ 4.30€ 3.95€