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Unica: your scent…unique, just like you!

Use our configurator to create your own personalized room diffuser in just a few steps. It will be wrapped inside an elegant gift box


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Modes of use

Gently unscrew the decorative lid. Fill the glass diffuser with the appropriate fragrance provided inside the plastic bottle (refill), helping yourself with the appropriate glass funnel if purchased. Screw the decorative lid back on. Dip the sticks inside the liquid. Wait a few minutes for them to absorb the fragrance and turn them upside down. If more fragrance intensity is desired, repeat this step from time to time. It is recommended that you wash your hands thoroughly whenever you perform this operation. If the fragrance is accidentally spilled we recommend drying the surface as soon as possible and rinsing immediately with plenty of water. Some delicate and/or porous surfaces such as wood and marble may become stained. To overcome this inconvenience place the fragrance on a stable and level surface, preferably not in direct contact with delicate surfaces. We do not recommend exposing the product to the sun or near heat sources. Unica is a sustainable product and allows all its components to be recycled. We recommend that you refill the product with available refills to reduce waste and the environmental footprint we all have on the planet. See label on refill for safety and recycling information.

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For warnings and safety information please refer to the single section available for each fragrance inside its own fragrance collection:
Garden California Dreaming Essenziale colors Bòtanica Couture Eccellenza Rosso 500 Scented star

How to use it

The UNICA configurator is at your disposal to create your own diffuser wrapped inside an elegant gift box.
Four simple steps to choose the elements you need to compose your exclusive UNICA box. A wide choice of classic or trendy elements so you can create your own work of art. Follow all the steps and select an option for each step. We offer you the option of writing a short message to be placed inside your UNICA box. Once you have completed all the steps and before adding the box to your cart, you will be able to view the total price of your chosen box.
Some standard options are already included in the price of the selected bottle. Other accessories are selectable with a small additional charge. The cost of the fragrance will depend on your choice based on the collection and size. The diffuser will always be packaged in an elegant UNICA box. You can add the Oniusa Shopper directly to your cart to complete your gift.


Unica: your scent…unique, just like you!

Composability is the element on which UNICA is based.
Our commitment is to provide you with all the basics, then let your imagination do the rest.

The UNICA configurator is available for you to create your own diffuser inside an elegant gift box or if you want to package your favor for a ceremony or event.

Oniusa Venezia puts our team of fragrance designers at your disposal to provide you with all the elements you need to create your fully customized room reed diffuser.

If you are a COMPANY and would like to create a personalized CORPORATE GIFT use our configurator or

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    • Handmade in Italy
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    • Eco friendly and sustainable
    • Cruelty free – vegan – not animal tested
    • Everyday genderless luxury
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