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Why choose Oniusa Venezia products?



Because we want to accompany the customer at every stage of their life, from the most beautiful moments to the simplicity of everyday life. We want to evoke the most authentic memories and create new ones.

One of our goals is to ensure that our fragrances make the personality of the person who chose them immediately recognisable in the air. That is why we always offer seasonal novelties in step with the trends.


Oniusa Venice is an established reality.

In our more than 10 years of experience in the field of room perfumery, we have endeavoured to offer a high standard of service and product that is always able to adapt to new market trends.
Choosing us means choosing Italian-made excellence.

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Quality and respect for the environment, people and animals.

Our fragrances are all of the highest quality, produced and processed in Italy, meet IFRA standards, contain no hazardous substances, GMOs and are not tested on animals. For us, sustainability has become a fundamental point on which we base our olfactory creations.

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    PACKAGING TYPE* PRICE STEP 1 (from 300 to 500 pz) each PRICE STEP 2 (from 500 to 950) each PRICE STEP 3 (from 950 to 1500) each
    Transparent high-barrier bag 2.50€ 2.40€ 2.05€
    Black booklet board 3.90€ 3.80€ 3.45€
    Black booklet board with print 4.20€ 4.10€ 3.85€
    Black matchbox 4.10€ 4.00€ 3.65€
    Black matchbox with print 4.40€ 4.30€ 3.95€