Soy Wax Candles: Ecological and Health Benefits

Entering a room illuminated by a candle has a magical effect, calming and soothing the soul. But what if that candle not only diffused an enveloping atmosphere but also was environmentally friendly and beneficial for your health? Soy wax candles are exactly that: a responsible choice for those seeking a sensory experience that respects both the planet and their well-being.

In this article, we will explore the ecological and health benefits of soy wax candles from the Bòtanica line by Oniusa Venezia, discovering why they have become a preferred choice for many relaxation and wellness enthusiasts.

Why Choose Soy Wax Candles

The soy wax candles from Oniusa Venezia's Bòtanica line represent an ecological and sustainable choice for several reasons. Firstly, soy wax is a renewable raw material obtained from soybean cultivation. This means it is a sustainable resource that does not contribute to deforestation, unlike paraffin wax derived from petroleum. Additionally, soy wax candles are vegan and cruelty-free, as they do not contain any animal-derived ingredients and are not tested on animals.

In addition to the ecological benefits, soy wax candles also offer health advantages. Compared to traditional paraffin wax candles, soy wax candles burn at a lower and slower temperature. This means they produce less soot and toxic fumes, making the air cleaner and safer to breathe. This is particularly important for those suffering from allergies or respiratory sensitivities.

Oniusa Venezia's Bòtanica soy wax candles are 100% biodegradable, meaning they decompose naturally without leaving harmful residues in the environment, making them an environmentally friendly choice even at the end of their useful life.

The Various Fragrances of the Botanica Line

The Bòtanica candles offer a wide range of fragrances inspired by nature, each with its own therapeutic properties and unique characteristics. Among these, Juniper and Rosemary Flowers are known for their regenerative and invigorating qualities, perfect for recharging energy after a long day.

Vanilla Berries and Sandalwood, on the other hand, create a cozy and sensual atmosphere, ideal for moments of relaxation and intimacy. Myrrh and Cardamom, with their warm and spicy notes, transport the mind to exotic and mysterious places, stimulating imagination and creativity.

If you prefer fresher and livelier fragrances, Bergamot and Orange Blossoms are the ideal choice. These citrus and floral notes awaken the senses and refresh the spirit, creating a bright and positive atmosphere.

Finally, Sage and Lemon Peels offer a fresh and herbaceous fragrance, perfect for purifying and refreshing the environment. This balanced combination of herbal and citrus notes promotes concentration and mental clarity, ideal for moments of study or focused work.

Oniusa Venezia's soy wax candles are not just a way to fragrance environments; they represent an ecological, sustainable, and health-beneficial option. Thanks to their natural composition and responsible production, these candles offer a conscious choice for those looking to transform their home into an oasis of tranquility and well-being.

With a wide range of fragrances inspired by nature, soy wax candles allow you to personalize the sensory experience according to your preferences, creating unique and enveloping atmospheres in every environment. Whether you want to relax after a long day of work or create a romantic atmosphere for a dinner for two, Botanica candles offer an infinite variety of possibilities.

As we have seen, choosing soy wax as the main material offers numerous advantages, including cleaner burning, longer burning time, and less production of soot and toxic fumes compared to traditional candles. This not only helps preserve indoor air quality but also reduces overall environmental impact.

With their enveloping fragrances and ecological benefits, Oniusa Venezia's Bòtanica candles are the perfect complement to creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in every home.

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Happy Birthday Oniusa! – Giorgia and Gianmarco tell us about 10 years of emotions

Ten years of Oniusa-Venezia: a great milestone for the brand, which makes its founders, Giorgia and Gianmarco, particularly proud.
The history of the company, from its origins to the present day, can already be read on the website, so we thought we would tell you more about how Giorgia and Gianmarco operate and reveal the backstage of their journey.
Read the interview to immerse yourself in the heart of Oniusa.

If you think of the early days of Oniusa and your adventure, what comes to mind?

A lot of creativity, enthusiasm, drive and innovating thinking big.

What motivated you to create an ambient fragrance brand?

The passion for the world of perfumes and the desire to create something that would leave its mark and accompany the everyday lifeof people. In fact, our slogan is everyday, everywhere, with you!

Venice has an ancient tradition in perfume trade and manufacture, dating back to the Middle Ages and its trade with the East. Do you think that the heritage of the Venetian territory has influenced the creative development of your project?

Surely Venice is a great source of inspiration for our creativity and is an irreplaceable background for our brand.

From a family business to an established brand with several boutiques on the peninsula. Over these 10 years, have your values and mission had to change and adapt to the new reality of Oniusa?

Our values are true to our beginnings and are those that also represent us as people in everyday life.
The mission we have had to revise it several times due to the countless events that have totally changed the world in this decade, adapting it to the changes and the new wayof livingand thinking of people.

What makes Oniusa unique and different from all other room fragrance companies?

Our idea has always been to work withour territory, making the supply chain as short as possible, offering products of high qualityat an affordable priceto all our customers and, through the creation of several collections, to ensure that any person who approaches Oniusa can recognise by aesthetic, qualities or values in at least one of these.

How important is sustainability and respect for the environment to Oniusa?

Much. In recent years we have had to revise our production processes many times to avoid waste, offer recyclable products in all their components, and reduce our impact on the environment and the ecosystem as much as possible.
We offer a refill version for all fragrances so that our customers can refill products avoiding waste and reducing costs. A small example: even at company level we have installed a water purification system to make it drinkable and accessible to all our employees, avoiding waste and the use of disposable plastic. We are already working to make our formulations completely biodegradable. We would also like to emphasise that all our fragrances meet the IFRA standards, contain no hazardous substances, GMOs and are not tested on animals.

Let's talk about your creative process! How does the concept of one of your perfumes come about and how do you arrive at the development of the final product? What inspires you in the creation of a collection?

The idea usually comes about by chance. Travelling, or even in everyday life, we seek stimuliand creative insightsbut always keeping in mind the trends of fashion and designto keep up.
After an initial idea we hold internal briefings where Gianmarco and Giorgia choose the key elementsof the new collections. The whole creative process takes place in-house, sometimes starting from the product design concept, sometimes from the research of the fragrances themselves, depending on the type of idea we had.
With regard to fragrances we try to convey to the "noses" with whom we collaborate our creative idea and the notes we wish to achieve. In each case we must then reach the stage where the two elements of packaging and fragrances must fit well together to bring our creations to life, a step not always taken for granted. Often everything is so fast that we find ourselves without realising it, having the product for sale and being able to offer it to our customers who, enthusiastic, make us forget how long the process was longand engaging, because the product has to be thought out, studied and improved as much as possible before it can be realised.

What, in your opinion, has made your collections successful? Which of them, in particular, would you recommend to someone who has not yet tried one of your fragrances?

The high qualityof the products and, probably, the fact that we are not discounted collections or copies of competitors, as is often the case. We try to be as original as possible. Our aim has always been to give each collection key elements in which our customers can recognise themselves. Each collection is completely different from the other in terms of features or assortment, and each has key elements that the others do not offer. In addition, each has its own target price, so that different price positions also meet customers' budgets (and matching these two aspects is very often a challenge for us).
Turning to the collections, we cannot recommend one in particular, because it depends very much on the olfactory taste of our customers. We can recommend the line Garden, being the latest release, or Excellence, for those who want to reach the pinnacle of quality and attention to detail. Surely every customer will be able to find his or her own fragrance among the 14 proposals.

Garden, what does the new 2023 line represent for you?

The Garden line represents a point of arrival for us. Garden is a fantastic garden, blooming throughout the seasons, with six olfactory proposals running through them. It offers highly sought-after plants, flowers and fruits, absolutely not taken for granted or trivial. Garden is a sustainable line, from the packaging to the formulations. The aesthetics are taken care of in every detail and the line itself represents innovation for us, as in the case of the "in the garden". We took a risk, surprising, with a fragrance for the kitchen with notes never before proposed: vegetal and salted. In additionwe also decided to develop for the first time a scented detergent for allergen-free dishwashing.

Private Label, your customised ambient fragrance line for companies, how important is it to you?

The olfactory marketingis an important part of our work, because we can transfer all our know how on projects that do not concern us personally. Getting out of certain schemes that do not directly concern our brand, confronting with third parties from other sectors is very stimulating and satisfying. We specialise in the creation of olfactory logos where our bespoke service allows for maximum customisation of products with the possibility of having a turnkey service. With our fragrances we create unforgettable atmospheres full of personality, enhancing the emotional experience of customers. Several studies have shown that conveying feelings of cleanliness, calmness and well-being to customers through fragrances positively encourages them to stay in venues longer , to return willingly and encourages purchases. In conclusion, it has long been known that scent immediately turns into emotion evoking distant and often forgotten memories, does not require attention to be noticed and cannot be ignored.

Plans for the future: do you have any anticipations?

We have new projects in store with themes and features that we cannot reveal at the moment. Continue to follow us on social media or sign up for the newsletter to find out all the news and be the first to know!

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