The Venice Carnival, a magical and glitzy celebration, is the perfect stage to unveil Oniusa Venezia’s fascinating new Art Edition collection. A limited edition that fuses art, colors and glass artistry, resulting in unique and unrepeatable creations.

The Art of Venetian Master Craftsmen

At the heart of this extraordinary collection are the diffuser bottles, which are the result of unparalleled craftsmanship. Handcrafted by Venetian master glassmakers, each bottle is a true masterpiece, a unique piece destined to catch the eye and impart a touch of luxury and uniqueness to any setting.

Art Edition is a bold exploration of color, a tribute to the vibrant artistic tradition of Venice. Each bottle is presented as an elegant palette of vibrant and eye-catching hues, creating a perfect blend of contemporary design and refined sophistication.

“The real magic of this collection is hidden in the details”

Each bottle, in addition to being a celebration of color, is a true artistic masterpiece. Venetian master glassmakers, with their experience handed down from generation to generation, transform glass into works of art, shaping each piece with extraordinary precision.

The result is diffusers that go beyond their primary function, becoming true expressions of beauty and craftsmanship: true works of art!

The Carnival of Venice

The Venice Carnival enchants with its colors and intriguing mask tradition, offering a unique and unforgettable experience.

This iconic festival is a kaleidoscope of elaborate costumes and Venetian masks, the details of which capture the imagination of visitors from all over the world. The city is filled with a variety of masks, each representing a unique character, from traditional ones to more modern creations.

The costumes sport bright colors, creating a magical and lively atmosphere that transports participants into a world of fantasy.

A total look Unica

The final touch to this extraordinary collection is the packaging, which is also a unique hand-painted piece. Each package encapsulates the elegance and spirit of the Venice carnival, creating a sensory experience from the very first glance. It is a tribute to art and tradition, wrapped in a robe of sophistication.

To make this experience even more personal, in the “Create your own Unica diffuser” section on our website, it will be possible to personalize your purchase, choosing the accessories and fragrance that best suit the desired atmosphere.

The real icing on the cake is the ability to select the color of the diffuser bottle: you will be able to choose the single-color version in various shades or multicolor. It will then be a surprise what effect will come: dripping, striped and polka-dotted, each representing a unique and unmistakable style.

The Art Edition collection is a declaration of style, a meeting of tradition and contemporaneity that transforms every room into a dreamlike scene, ready to welcome the charm and enchantment of the Venice Carnival.

Create your own “UNICA” diffuser