“Fragrance diffusers, from stick diffusers to sprays to the most sophisticated and avant-garde ones, are a real must-have furnishing accessory in the home. We have said this many times, dwelling on the aesthetics and the individual fragrances suitable for the various areas of the home. Today Essenziale, an exclusive brand of perfumers with a shop active throughout Italy, gives you some tips on how best to position the diffusers.
The dimensions
First of all, one must think about the size of the bottle. Too small a bottle placed in a large area would not be able to cover the area to be perfumed. As an indication, we can say that for a room size of 10 m2, 100 ml perfume bottles will do. For 30 to 50 m2, on the other hand, 1 litre bottles are necessary.
Position? In what position should they be placed?
The best place would be in the centre of the room on stands that are not too high such as consoles or medium height cabinets. It might be useful to place them near windows to allow for movement of the area and thus of the fragrance.
Placing them in places that are too high does not seem to be a wise choice: the intensity of the fragrance tends to rise upwards. If the diffusers are placed too high, the fragrance may not be perceived in the home.
The sticks should be turned over at least once a week to allow the fragrance to continuously regenerate its intensity. The fragrance level inside the bottle should always be at a sufficient height to ensure that the sticks are thoroughly soaked.
Finally, when the fragrance is finished, do not throw the bottle away. Oniusa Venezia sells refills so that you don’t waste and further pollute the environment.
Stay updated to follow our advice.”